PC, Laptops, even MacBooks, iMacsYES!!!

iPadsNo, NOT YET, if it is not jail-broken…..(Jail-broken means that someone has altered the iPad to allow it to install/run non-Apple approved software, among other things…)

Why don’t iPads need anti-virus protection but other computers do?

The iPad is, so far, protected from vulnerabilities and attacks by a process called sandboxing — meaning that the operating system on an unaltered iPad restricts/controls programs that can be installed and run on the device.  Actually, an iPad presently will not even allow an anti-virus program to be installed on itself.  However, an iPad that has been jail-broken IS vulnerable to malware attacks.

What about Macs?

Once upon a very recent time, Macs were considered immune to virus/malware attacks.  One reason was that hackers and virus creators concentrate on opportunities that are profitable, and until recently, the Mac market was just not big enough to attract the interest of the malware “industry”.  It was the Windows/PC market that was the most profitable for the cyber criminal because there were just more PC/Windows operating system computers “out there” than there were Macs.  However, as that balance has quickly shifted and Macs have become a trend and a device of choice, hacks and viruses are now active threats to Mac operating system devices.  So, please!  If you are a Mac user, don’t be fooled by old news and put yourself at risk for identity theft, drained bank accounts and all the other tragedies that befall unprotected computer users because you believe your Mac is secure from attacks!

So, why do I need an anti-virus program, even if I seldom use my computer?

You need a good anti-virus program on your computer for the same reason you need to lock your house or your car, even if you are just going to the store for a few minutes.  An unprotected computer is like a house with a big sign on it that says “Open House – Thieves Welcome”.  Anti-virus programs, like locks are one layer of protection you use to keep your possessions protected from those who want to take what you “have” — and are very good at doing so….

Cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing rapidly.  Viruses and other malware are tools of the cyber criminal.   Viruses and malware are no longer just nuisances created by junior geniuses who have nothing better to do. Creating malware is big money for the creators. Malware and viruses are stealthy and often “silent” tools to steal your passwords, your account numbers, your files, your identity, to name a few important items, or to gain undetected control of your computer to join a botnet with even more nefarious intentions, including a threat to national security.  Malware are insidious threats because they grow/change in multiples daily.  So even a good anti-virus program that is not updated daily is as good as a lock with the key in it….

Please do not be fooled into thinking that your infrequency of use or even your cautious behavior dictates the lack of need for computer protection.   Your computer needs excellent protection – current and up-to date, at all times!  Please don’t be fooled by old information.  Believing old and outdated information regarding computer anti-virus protection can cost you everything you have, not just a few files or even a computer….