Beware of fake “Fix” Alerts!

Make a pledge to yourself today to NEVER CLICK on anything that says something like “Your Computer is Infected – Click Here to Scan Now” to begin the promised fix!

DON’T DO IT!  DON’T CLICK!   That invitation to CLICK is likely to be a way to get you to buy their clean up program or worse, to infect your computer rather than clean it. If you know the story of Hansel and Gretel, then clicking is like being invited to lunch by the wicked witch. Her invitation was really an invitation to BE lunch…. (If you don’t know their story, it is worth a search – good fairy tale with a lesson…)

The” invitation” to CLICK HERE is an example of “Scareware” – software that appears to be beneficial but actually attempts to lure users into participating in something that endangers the security of the user and/or their computer.

If you do click on the “invitation” and can do so, run a virus scan as soon as possible (with an up-to-date anti-virus program).  However, the “invitation” often infects your computer to the point it disables your anti-virus program. At that point, you will probably need professional technical assistance to remove the rogue software and restore the computer to health.