If you are a Windows XP user who intends to ignore the “sunset” date for the Microsoft XP Operating System – the date when Microsoft will no longer provide any support, patches or fixes whatsoever for that product – this “Bad” is for you!

Woody, the Cheers bartender, asks Norm:    “How’s it going Mr. Peterson?”

Norm Peterson answers:  “It’s a dog eat dog world, Woody, and I’m wearing Milk Bone *pants*.”

(* * – original quote altered to maintain taste)

Yikes! That creates a visual image to ponder…. Dog eat dog worldmilk bone pants.   Ouch!    That gets my attention.   So what does that have to do with Windows XP Operating System being laid to rest?    Let me try to connect the dots…

Microsoft has announced that the “sunset date” for Windows XP is April, 2014.  After that date, there will be no more support for XP. None! Nada! Zero! Nix! Nothing!

However, if you naively ignore this well announced warning; if you choose to avoid preparing for this date; if you plan to continue to use your XP device on the internet after the “sunset date” – your computer will, in essence, broadcast itself into the dog eat dog cyber world as cyber milk bone pants.  And all the hungry, mean spirited cyber dogs on the hunt for outdated XP systems will be waiting to get a taste!

After April, 2014, criminal code writers will be off-leash to write code specifically to exploit expired XP systems. And no one can stop them. No anti-virus and/or malware programs will be able to protect outdated XP systems against attacks. Cyber criminals count on users naively ignoring “sunset” dates.   So, if you are going to be one of them – get ready for…   Identity theft; bot net army enlisting; unfettered cyber-crimes…

At the time of this posting, it is November, 2013. April, 2014, is less than 5 months away. Between now and XP’s “sunset date”, however, are post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales and Christmas! That means there is ample time for you to prepare for, plan and implement the secure retirement of all XP systems and to take advantage of all upcoming, incredible electronics deals that over-eager retailers will offer this year!

Here’s the irony – the cyber criminals are the ones who are prepared for this date. 

So, please don’t miss the point –

There is no excuse to be caught with your milk bones down…